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Gokhan Bartu's Clients

Some of our Happy Clients


High-End Istanbul


In 2012 I've started "High-End Istanbul" which was named after "High-End Retouching" and started to give professional support on Retouch, Composite Arrangement, CGI and Art Directoring techniques which was mainly needed for professional photo shoots. Mehmet Turgut, Tamer Yılmaz, Cihan Alpgiray, Tayfun Çetinkaya, Müfit Çırpanlı, Gökçe Yağmur are just some well-known Turkish photographers of our international clients.

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Hard to understand briefs, lack of Productional materials, a know-it-all client, these are me showstoppers and I've completely cleared them from my mind when I started this non-commercial project. In many of my stages, I don't even use a MuA, just model, the ambience and me.

In my personal view, photography must purpose the living and must be shared among everyone. It gives me great pleasure when it's been used and shared in many ways. I love seeing my works on walls, on paintings, on youtube channels, on book and zine covers and so on... That's why you're free to download my works from my website and use it on any non-commercial works.

PS: for commercial usage, you have to pay 'publishing royalty' to my models. please get in touch.


psactions banner


Photoshop-Store.com is an online web-store for selling the actions I've produced for photoshop variants. Below are the main factors that are different and better than the competitors.

  • Usually customers are fooled by before & after photos of the actions that are for sale right now. When you apply these actions, you'll probably get a unsuccessful result because of the color variations. But... Every action I make is tested with different places, with different light conditions and I have to be happy with the output before releasing them for purchase.
  • My actions are customizable. That's why if you want, you can turn on or off some of the effects or change the brightness, contrast or opacity and so on.
  • They're self-instructive. What I really mean is, the layers are all commented and with the help of those comments, you can understand which photoshop tool is used for what purpose.

In the fourth quarter of 2013 I've released the best-ever-made retouch addon called "Beauty Retouching Kit". With the second version I've released in May of 2014, it just triples the performance of other human skin retouching addons. If you consider the competing addons' prices range around 100-200 dollars, our addon is only priced 24.99$ and available in our store.

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Portfolio Magazine



"Online Showcase for Digital Artists" was the main motto of Portfolio Magazine when it started in 2013. The mag's main focus was on "Photographers, Illustrators, MUAs, Architects, Models, Designers and many mores...". We hit around 40K of unique views on many platforms. *

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* Because of my other projects, I can't continue to release more issues, but I've got a plan to restart it with a bigger crew and more materials. If you're interested please get in touch.

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Istanbul Agent:
Burak Bakırcı
+90 530 324 83 19

International Agent:
Boran Karakaya

Gökhan Bartu Yüksel

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